Friday, November 25, 2005


In my family, Thanksgiving is notorious for drama. I am happy to report that yesterday was totally drama free. It was just a wonderful day. We started out with a super fun breakfast with my hubby's dad and brothers and respective wives/fiancees. My children were well-behaved and had a blast playing with their uncles. The food was yummy, the conversation was fun, and if I hadn't felt like crap (fighting a sinus infection) we would have stayed even longer.

My wonderful husband let me take a nap (aaah - sweet sleep!!) and then we went over to my mom and dad's house for dinner. My two sisters were in town. Dinner was wonderful, and I had a chance to sit and talk with my sisters and really get to know my youngest sis's new boyfriend. Everyone was in great spirits and we spent most of the evening laughing.

I realized when I got home that this was the first Thanksgiving in many years that my children were really old enough to be self-sufficient. They played with their cousins in the basement at my mom's house for the whole evening. They ate their dinner at the kid's table in the kitchen. I was actually able to sit with my husband and have an adult conversation for more than 10 seconds. It was a beautiful thing.

Later on, hubby and I discussed what we were thankful for. It's been a crazy year. We lost our religion but have regained ourselves in the process. Our marriage is better than ever. Work is going great for both of us. We're financially better off than we have ever been. Family relationships are returning to normal. Our children actually turned out pretty cute. Happy Thanksgiving!!