Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Moving On

I have not updated in awhile, mostly because I started this blog originally to vent about my journey out of Mo-ism. It's become such a non-issue to me that I often feel like I don't have much to say here. I also have family that is so spread out that I have pondered starting a more family-friendly blog to keep in touch with them all.

And so, I invite you to visit me at my new location... http://amysperfectblog.blogspot.com

I might occasionally use this blog when the need arises. I will keep it up for now. My new blog will be pretty much the same, only my immediate family won't have access to all my old archives.

Also, please be patient with me as I get my new blog looking pretty, and also as I recreate all my links. Feel free to comment on my new blog to help me with those links.

Friday, August 08, 2008

Damn Cat - a coda

After wrassling with my ding dong dang cat for two weeks trying to get her to take her antibiotic, I was thrilled that #1 she was doing great and back to her old ornery self and #2 I no longer had to suffer grave bodily injury on a daily basis.

So when I came home Monday and noticed she had one goopy half closed eye, I hoped it would quickly heal itself. By Thursday it was completely gooped shut, so I took her back to the vet. She has a corneal ulcer. Great.

So now for the next two weeks I have to put kitty ointment in her eye three times every day.

You may help the cause by donating blood at your local Red Cross.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Week From Hell

Thursday - Erik is out of town. I take Marc to his testing appointment and return to find out the hermit crab is dead. Have to call Lisey (who is camping with Erik) to tell her.

Friday - Erik calls to tell me he blew out a tire while off-roading. Approximate cost, $200.

Saturday, Sunday - No problems... Universe is saving it all for Monday...

Monday - Plumber stops by and outlines all the plumbing problems which need to be fixed. Worse than I thought, have heart attack thinking about cost. Have eye doctor appointment. Dilate eyes, which causes everything to be super bright, which leads to massive migraine. Come home to find cat (Floyd) hiding behind piano, on her side, panting and mewing. Have tickets to ballgame, which is no fun because of massive migraine and worry about dying cat at home. Leave game early and come home to find cat in same spot. Cry and stay up with cat all night hoping she doesn't die.

Tuesday - Rush cat to vet first thing in the morning - cat severely dehydrated and tests to determine what is wrong plus IV fluids will be at least $500. Have heart attack, leave cat with vet, go to work, worry all day about cat, find out cat has severe urinary tract infection and requires IV antibiotics and overnight hospital stay. Have another heart attack but feel relieved that cat is not going to die.

Wednesday, early morning - Wake up to worst storm ever. Have never heard wind so loud or rain so hard, even during past hurricanes. Freak out and grab children and bring them to bed with me. Consider going into basement, convinced a tornado is passing over. Chide self for overreacting until hear trees falling in the yard, then freak out and stay awake until storm is over to make sure windows don't blow in.

Wednesday - survey damage in yard. Two trees completely blown over which were nice enough to fall into street, so will be problem of DPW. Huge limbs down all over yard, more trees blown over in backyard. Chimney cap in neighbors yard, trash cans in street, umbrellas destroyed, pots smashed. Have to move giant tree branches to get car out of driveway. Late for work. Streets closed due to downed power lines and trees. Even later for work. Main street in town is frightening. News says yup, possible tornado.

Wednesday evening - pick up damn cat. Erik leaves for conference, leaving me all alone to try to wrassle oral antibiotic into cat's mouth. Takes an hour, only get half dose in, give up. Another storm blows in, knocking out power for 90 minutes. Happens when kids are in pitch black basement. Takes 30 minutes to calm down freaking out kids. Hang LCD work light from dining room chandelier and play Yahtzee with kids. Fun trying to give baths in the dark. No hot water. Give up. Go to bed early with kids. Let them sleep in bed with me due to freaking out factor.

Thursday morning - wake up to find out coffee maker is dead. Completely dead. There is no coffee?!!! Shake fist at heaven and scream "Whyyyyyyyyyyyyy?!"

Thus concludes the week from hell.

The cat is fine, by the way. By Thursday evening she was back to being a total pain in my butt, up in my business and climbing all over the laptop while I was typing.

Erik is back home, thank god, and he is out in the yard cleaning up the fallen branches and chainsawing the tree. And he bought me a new coffee maker. Yay!

And a Quick Work Update

I alluded to a possible change in employment earlier. No news yet on that front. I will just mention this involves our gobernment and they are in no rush to fill this position, so... yeah, they haven't even reviewed the resumes yet apparently.

I am okay with this. It's a job I would love but if it doesn't work out, I am happy where I am now. I have shifted my focus lately - the debt collection work I loathe has been mostly handed over to a paralegal, which is a huge relief to me. I have also been certified as a child's attorney in our county so I have been spending a lot of time representing children - this is work I believe in and enjoy, even if it can be emotionally difficult.

So, that's the scoop for now.

Long Overdue

Yes! It is finally an upate! I can't believe how long it has been so I feel like I don't even know where to start. There has been a lot that's happened so far this Summer. Some good, some bad, some just downright horrible.

School ended. We had our annual Tiki Party, which wasn't the best ever due to two factors:

#1 the huge thunderstorm that rolled in, forcing us to move the party inside the house/in the garage. The storm was over by 8:00 and cooled everything down, but I think a lot of people had already decided to stay home rather than venture out.

#2 the PTA brawl in my driveway. Two PTA moms got into a fight around 1:00-ish in the morning, and after that everyone sorta went... ooookay, time to go home. I am friends with both women so I felt extremely awkward. I haven't talked to either since that night, which makes me feel even more awkward. We still had about 75 people over the course of the evening but the vibe just wasn't quite the same as past years.

We took our annual vacation to the Outer Banks, which was uneventful in the best most vacation-y way. The kids were extremely good this year and we had the added bonus of my niece Kaylee, who was 8 months old and gave me a nice cute-baby fix. I spent a lot of time napping and doing crossword puzzles, which is seriously my ideal vacation. And I got to visit the Sonic 4 TIMES - aaaaaaaaah.

Once we returned, there were two more big events: Marc's testing and what I will refer to as TWFH - The Week From Hell. These each deserve their own entry so... Stay tuned for further updates.